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Lewisville: LakeCities Ballet Theatre's “Le Ballet de Dracula”

October 11, 2014 - 7:30pm

LakeCities Ballet Theatre presents its 9th Fall performance of “Le Ballet de Dracula". This original ballet, written by Tom Rutherford and masterfully choreographed by Kelly Kilburn Lannin, has become a seasonal Halloween classic! The Dallas Morning News has called it one of the top 10 Halloween events in the metroplex. The original story comes from Irish novelist Abraham "Bram" Stoker in a work titled, "The Un-
Dead". The tale of Count Dracula has captivated the imagination of people around the world. Kelly Lannin, Artistic Director, brings this spooktacular tale to Lewisville audiences this October, featuring LakeCities Ballet Theatre senior member, Ali Honchell, as Aurelia, Blaine Quinn, as Marius, and Shannon Beacham, appearing once again as the evil Count Dracula.

This mythical story, where good conquers evil, unfolds in two acts. In the opening scene, we find ourselves at a Fall harvest celebration held by the locals of a small eastern European village. Food, dancing, and love make for a wonderful introduction to what soon becomes a battle for the soul of the beautiful young maiden, Aurelia. After winning her heart and asking her father's blessing, the handsome Marius seals his betrothed
Aurelia with a necklace and jeweled crucifix. Our happy couple is soon confronted by a strange visitor to their happy village who will test even the strongest bonds of love and faith. This stranger becomes intent on having Aurelia for himself and enlists the help of his minion, Ratcliff, played by Asia Waters, to steal her away. Dark forces loom as creatures of the night dance their evil way into the heart of this tale of horror. At the peak of act one, the true nature of their uninvited guest is revealed as a spell-bound Aurelia is swept off of her feet by this un-dead creature, Count Dracula.

In the second act, the brave Marius must fight his way through the dark lord's castle and fight for the life of his bride to be, as well as his own. In the opening scene, we find that his is not the only bride found in Dracula's castle. Dracula's harem of un-dead brides, led by the evil Marcela, played by LBT company member Mackenna Pieper in the Friday and Saturday evening performances and by Olivia Lambert on Saturday afternoon, will fight with supernatural power to please their master and rid the castle of this mortal menace. Will Marius prevail and save his true love from certain eternal doom, or will evil rule the night? Come to the performance and find out for yourself, if you dare!


  • Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater
  • 100 N. Charles Street
  • Lewisville, Texas
  • 75057



  • $17

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