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Traveling Exhibits for Loan

The Texas Lakes Trail has a variety of traveling panel exhibits that can fit into just about any space. Our exhibits have been on display at museums, universities, civic centers, and libraries just to name a few. The exhibits are light weight and easy to hang, you do not have to be a museum professional to host one of these exhibits. The exhibits are educational and are great to share with school groups. Each of these were created to bring quality programing to sites no matter the size of programming budget. For $300 + shipping, you can host a quality exhibit for eight weeks and get promotional and educational materials too. 

Contact Jill Jordan for additional information about how to host the exhibits.


Chisholm Trail Exhibit

The Chisholm Trail Exhibit consists of 42 light weight panels that are hung in numerical order, editable promotional materials, and a bibliography. The Chisholm Trail exhibit experience is easily enhanced by your own western artifacts or books. This engaging exhibit begins with the arrival of cattle and horses in the Americas through the end of the Trail era. The exhibit is educational and filled with photos and illustrations from the period. It is a great exhibit for just about any venue because of the ease of displaying and lack of valuable artifacts that would require special arrangements. Some examples of where our exhibits have been displayed in the past include: libraries, universities, public schools, museums, community centers, galleries, and living history sites just to name a few.

The exhibit consists of thirty-four 21x28 panels that are equipped with a wire on the back to make hanging easy. To enhance the exhibit, sites are encouraged to display their own cowboy gear. Libraries often set up a display of books on the Chisholm Trail. Along with the exhibit a bibliography is included.

Trail Drive

Quanah Parker Logo


The Quanah Parker Exhibit dates available! Don't miss your chance to host this wildly popular exhibit! Everywhere it has been displayed visitation was increased! What more could you ask for than to have more people visiting a site in your community? It has been displayed in over 90 locations across Texas and Oklahoma from the smallest community museums to places of higher learning such as University of Texas at Arlington, Eastern Illinois University, Stephen F. Austin, and Midwestern University

This pictorial exhibit consists of 48 panels that are mounted on lightweight rhino board. The exhibit contains no priceless artifacts that need special security so, it can go almost anywhere. You can display the exhibit however will best suit your space.

Along with the pictorial exhibit you will receive a bibliography, curriculum, editable postcards and posters.

It is $300 to host the exhibit plus delivery to the next site.

Texas Crochet Heritage

The Crochet Heritage exhibit concentrates on crochet doilies and their role in our crochet heritage. Also included in the exhibit are doilies made with other techniques, and items that aren't doilies at all. Doily heritage includes looking into a host of other subjects. 

Doilies are much more than pretty home decor items. They tell the stories of old times and new, of family traditions and friendships, of how people still live. 

Celebrate Doilies Art Quilt Exhibit Details: 18-20 quilted wall hangings of varying sizes, featuring doilies or vintage crochet, by Suzann Thompson.  Each one includes a hanging rod with an eyelet screw on each end, allowing them to be hung with filament or mounted directly to the wall. 
6 heritage crochet pieces, to be displayed with poems by Sandi Horton. 
2 20" x 28" foam core posters about doilies past and present, to be displayed with four modern doilies. 
Optional: two eye-catching oversized doilies to hang inside or outside the exhibition space. 
Promotion of exhibit by Suzann on her website, blog, social media, and more. 

Rental Fee: $350 plus travel expenses for Suzann to deliver, install, and take down the exhibit. 
Texas Crochet Heritage Presentations Details: One-hour presentations about doily heritage: "Celebrate Doilies" or "What to Do with Grandmother's Doilies." Descriptions at  Other presentations and workshops available. 

Fee: Book before January 15, 2019 (program can occur after this date) for $275 plus travel expenses. Book after January 15, 2020, $350 plus travel expenses.  Book the Celebrate Doilies Quilt Exhibit with the presentation, for an additional $75 off. 
Contact: Suzann Thompson 2901 FM 1496 Dublin, TX 76446 325-864-7902 
It is $350 to host the exhibit for 8 weeks. 



History of the VaqueroExhibit developed by Douglas Harman PhD for the Texas Lakes Trail program.

Funded by the FASH FOUNDATION Research: Clara and Robert Holmes

THE VAQUERO: THE FIRST AMERICAN COWBOY: Long before the pilgrims set foot on this continent,Spain had colonies established in Mexico in an area known as the State of Coahuila, later to become the great State of Texas. Some of the Ranches known as Haciendas were larger than the New England States. The patrons ofhacendados, as these land-owners were called, employed people of Spanish and Indian ancestry, know as Mestizos. Thesepeople became experts at handling large herds of cattle using their horsemanship and roping skills. They developed methods, tools andlanguage, remaining in use today as a part of the present cattle industry. Words such as Chaps, Lariat, Rodeo, Dally and Mustang.These horsemen became known as VAQUEROS, a word which literally translated means ‘cowman’ and which we no know as COWBOY.

The exhibit features 33 panels that measure 21' x 28"

Women, Aviation, and WWII Traveling Exhibit

While thousands of men were fighting for their country, the people back home were engaged in an extensive war effort of their own.  We cannot forget the women who stepped up to meet the demands of the home front.  Women were essential to the American War Effort.  They worked in defense industries, joined the military, and completed countless other tasks to move the Allies closer to victory.  In many cases, they made these contributions while meeting family obligations at home.  This exhibit features the WASP’s, Rosie the Riveters, and famous aviatrix Jackie Cochran.

Funded by the FASH Foundation (original exhibit) and the Summerlee Foundation (printing of traveling exhibit). Research by Chuckie Hospers and Debra Myers. Click here to dowload Lesson Plans.

Exhibit Details
16 display panels 17"x23"
Host the exhibit for 8 weeks
Cost to host is $300