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The Vaquero: The First American Cowboy

 The Vaquero: The First American Cowboy Traveling Exhibit

History of the VaqueroExhibit developed by Douglas Harman PhD for the Texas Lakes Trail program.

Funded by the FASH FOUNDATION Research: Clara and Robert Holmes

THE VAQUERO: THE FIRST AMERICAN COWBOY: Long before the pilgrims set foot on this continent,Spain had colonies established in Mexico in an area known as the State of Coahuila, later to become the great State of Texas. Some of the Ranches known as Haciendas were larger than the New England States. The patrons ofhacendados, as these land-owners were called, employed people of Spanish and Indian ancestry, know as Mestizos. Thesepeople became experts at handling large herds of cattle using their horsemanship and roping skills. They developed methods, tools andlanguage, remaining in use today as a part of the present cattle industry. Words such as Chaps, Lariat, Rodeo, Dally and Mustang.These horsemen became known as VAQUEROS, a word which literally translated means ‘cowman’ and which we no know as COWBOY.

The exhibit features 33 panels that measure 21' x 28"

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