Texas Lakes Trail Region

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Texas Heritage Trails Program

Plan Your Adventure

  • Thistle Hill, Fort WorthThistle Hill, Fort Worth
  • Texas Heritage Museum, HillsboroTexas Heritage Museum, Hillsboro
  • Farmer's Market, WeatherfordFarmer's Market, Weatherford
  • Farmersville Onion ShedFarmersville Onion Shed

Destination Highlights

  • The 261-acre Bonham State Park falls within the northern extent of the Blackland Prairie, an area marked by grasslands interspersed with woodlands, near the Oklahoma border. The Civilian Conservation Corps developed the park, landscaping the...

  • Chestnut Square Historic Village is a compact village of seven historic structures built 1853 to 1918, some listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Victorian and Greek Revival-style houses, chapel and country store reflect...

  • Granbury prides itself as the town “Where Texas History Lives.” It is known for it’s history and historic preservation. Granbury was founded in the 1860s. Most of the buildings in the Historic District  were built in the late 1800s. Many have...

Travel Themes

    • Thistle Hill, Fort Worth


      When is a house not a home? When it's a museum. Our fascination with wealth and grandeur, particularly when expressed in the architecture of early residential Texas, inspired the rescue and restoration of...

    • Two horses touching nose to nose

      Attempting to define “horse country” in Texas is a tricky business. In reality, the entirety of Texas is horse country simply because Texans love their horses. We are a horse culture, particularly considering that most of our ancestors arrived...